Raven Predictive Analytics® identifies risks and opportunities in global capital markets by integrating human and machine intelligence with complexity science.


Raven Predictive Analytics®

Patent-Pending Analytics Software

Billions of dollars are spent every year by the world’s major banks and investment firms in pursuit of the value promised by big data analytics. But no matter how much money is spent and how many data scientists are put on the problem, your output will only be as good as your models. We believe global leaders and institutional investors are relying on invalid and unreliable financial models that fail to recognize financial markets are complex adaptive systems. The result is not just inept central bank monetary policies but flawed models leave market participants vulnerable to risks for which they are simply not prepared.

How Raven Works

Predictive Analytics + Augmented Intelligence

Raven Predictive Analytics® delivers disruptive, proprietary, predictive analytics in capital markets with augmented intelligence integrating team science, delivered in a visual data center personalized for each institutional investor and government user.

We are the first firm in the world to re-purpose the predictive analytics conceived for the US intelligence community and integrate a multidisciplinary science blend of analytic tools, including behavioral psychology, causal inference, complexity theory, computing with words, textual analysis, and historical perspective.


A Dynamic Approach To Predictive Analytics

Raven Predictive Analytics® is the first service in the world to incorporate complexity science with human and machine intelligence into predictive analytics for capital markets. It is a groundbreaking technology that can identify global threats and opportunities for our subscribers, 24/7.

Capital markets meet all the requirements for complex dynamics systems: diverse actors, connectedness, interaction, and adaptability. While other analytics services treat markets as linear, rational systems with normally distributed risk, Raven Predictive Analytics® is the only service on the market that addresses them as what they are: complex systems.


Instead of looking through big data for correlations, regressions, and mean reversions, the fundamental intelligence input to Raven® originates from global subject matter experts (in-house and external) who provide insights into the structure of each domain of interest, including the behavioral psychology at work within the domain and historical perspectives on its dynamics.


Next, we instrument the expert narrative by extracting the conceptual components, the causal linkages, and their corresponding weights. The result is a type of fuzzy cognitive map (FCM), enhanced by Meraglim’s proprietary technology for creating scrutable inferences by the cognitive map. The FCM is highly detailed and interrelated to all other FCMs already built and to be built in the future. While a highly accurate model of the real world, the complexity of the FCM outpaces the ability of any analyst or team of analysts.


Managing the input of textual and audio data is the ideal role for an artificial intelligence / natural language processor (NLP). Such NLPs ingest over 9m books, articles, and transcripts per day, with natural reading comprehension that enables it to update the appropriate nodes and edges in all of our interconnected FCMs 24/7 in real-time.


On top of the constantly updated constellation of interconnected cognitive maps runs Raven's proprietary complexity science algorithms. Our computing with words algorithms run each time a new input is received and provide a highly accurate outlook/prediction model with great confidence.

Disrupting The Status Quo

The Future of Analysis

Raven Predictive Analytics® helps advance users’ ability to leverage new complex information. It utilizes team science that combines behavioral psychology, causal inference, complexity science, computing with words, textual analysis, and historical perspective to present a complete and comprehensive analysis model in an easy to digest personalized visual data center.