Analytics and Machine Intelligence

Raytheon BBN Technologies (NYSE: RTX) is one of the leading Research and Development companies in the United States, dedicated to providing high-technology products and services to consumers. The company specializes in speech recognition technologies, cyber security, advanced networking, sensor systems and information & knowledge technologies. BBN was one of the research companies involved in the development of ARPANET, which later evolved into the Internet.

Enabling Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing Inc., (OTC: QUBT) develops applications capable of running on quantum processors that are also capable of delivering superior performance on non-quantum processors today. QCI works with government agencies, corporations, and national labs to discover and refine how our quantum-ready and quantum-inspired applications can change the way they approach and solve previously impossible problems.

Artificial Intelligence And Natural Language Processing

Quid ingests the ideas and opinions expressed in written language to find patterns and commonalities across a billion documents.

Next Generation UI Product Design & Development

Perception is a cutting edge design lab pioneering the visionary process of Science Fiction Thinking to architect the future. We divide our time equally between the parallel worlds of science-fiction—working with trailblazing filmmakers, and science-fact—collaborating with the world’s most innovative technology brands.

Global Leader In Public Cloud Infrastructure Managed Services

Rackspace (NASDAQ: RXT) is relied on by thousands of global enterprises and more than half of the Fortune 100.

Our Mission

Raven Predictive Analytics®, a patent-pending enterprise software as a service (SaaS), disrupts existing predictive analytics by more accurately modeling capital markets using complex systems, augmented intelligence, and team science.

Presented in a streamlined and personalized data center, Raven Predictive Analytics® will revolutionize the way corporate risk managers and institutional investors read the market.