Manipulated Markets

Capital markets are massively disrupted by government and central bank interference and by the failure to recognize markets are complex adaptive systems.


Raven Predictive Analytics

We are the first firm in the world to help clients identify risks and opportunities in global capital markets by integrating human and machine intelligence with complexity science.

We’ve Created a Way to Predict Global Political and Financial Trends … With Remarkable Accuracy … 6 to 12 Months in Advance.

CEOs, CFOs, Risk and Asset Managers… Can Use Raven Predictive Analytics® SaaS to Make More Precise and Profitable Long-Range Decisions While Minimizing Risk.

Mitigating Global Risk with Predictive Analytics and Raven.

At Meraglim®, we believe that global risks are mounting for a world misled by the current outdated financial models that blind policymakers, risk, and asset managers to emergent threats and opportunities. Our goal is to leverage our expertise in complexity science, capital markets, defense, and intelligence to help our clients manage risks in challenging markets.

Our patent-pending Raven Predictive Analytics® software as a service (SaaS) supported by an interdisciplinary team science is a major breakthrough in risk management.

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